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Offshore VPS Server

Unleash Global Reach: Secure Offshore VPS Hosting. Enhanced privacy, global server options & top-notch performance.

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$22.50Billed Per Monthly
50 GB Raid 10 NVMe
2 Core Dedicated CPU
4 GB DDR4 Memory
2 TB Bandwidth
1 Free IPv4 Address
KVM Virtualisation
1 Gbps Port Speed
Moldova Datacenter
$45.00Billed Per Monthly
100 GB Raid 10 NVMe
4 Core Dedicated CPU
8 GB DDR4 Memory
3 TB Bandwidth
1 Free IPv4 Address
KVM Virtualisation
1 Gbps Port Speed
Moldova Datacenter
$67.50Billed Per Monthly
200 GB Raid 10 NVMe
6 Core Dedicated CPU
16 GB DDR4 Memory
4 TB Bandwidth
1 Free IPv4 Address
KVM Virtualisation
1 Gbps Port Speed
Moldova Datacenter
$97.50Billed Per Monthly

300 GB Raid 10 NVMe
8 Core Dedicated CPU
24 GB DDR4 Memory
6 TB Bandwidth
1 Free IPv4 Address
KVM Virtualisation
1 Gbps Port Speed
Moldova Datacenter

$127.50Billed Per Monthly
400 GB Raid 10 NVMe
10 Core Dedicated CPU
28 GB DDR4 Memory
8 TB Bandwidth
1 Free IPv4 Address
KVM Virtualisation
1 Gbps Port Speed
Moldova Datacenter
$165.00Billed Per Monthly
500 GB Raid 10 NVMe
12 Core Dedicated CPU
32 GB DDR4 Memory
10 TB Bandwidth
1 Free IPv4 Address
KVM Virtualisation
1 Gbps Port Speed
Moldova Datacenter
DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting 🇲🇩️

Unleash Freedom and Performance: Moldova Offshore VPS Hosting**

Experience the power of secure, high-performance hosting with our Moldova Offshore VPS plans. Perfect for businesses and individuals seeking protection against frivolous copyright claims and a platform for free speech, our VPS servers offer unparalleled performance, flexibility, and robust data security.

Starting at just $22.50 per month, our Moldova Offshore VPS plans offer an unbeatable combination of performance, security, and freedom.

Please note: We strictly prohibit illegal activities and content, including hacking, drugs, gambling, and pornography. Anonymous accounts are not accepted. We reserve the right to terminate any accounts engaging in illegal activities.

  • Unmatched Performance: Blazing fast speed with 500GB of lightning-fast RAID 10 NVMe storage, a dedicated 12-core CPU, and 32GB of DDR4 memory. This powerhouse combination ensures your websites and applications load in milliseconds and handle heavy traffic with ease.
  • Ultimate Control: KVM virtualization grants you complete control over your virtual server, allowing you to customize your environment to your exact needs.
  • Enhanced Security: Our Moldova data center utilizes state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard your data. Additionally, offshore hosting offers an extra layer of protection against unwarranted DMCA takedown notices.
  • Freedom of Speech: We champion free speech and non-infringing content. Our Moldova VPS is ideal for those seeking a platform to express their ideas freely, within the bounds of legal limitations.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Enjoy flexible payment options with support for PayPal, credit cards, cryptocurrency, popular local gateways like Bkash, Nagad, and Rocket, bank transfers, and Google Pay.

Supported OS

Unleash maximum flexibility with our server! Choose from a wide range of operating systems to perfectly suit your needs. Enjoy the power of a server with the freedom to customize your environment.









Supported Panels

Simplify server management with your choice of control panel! Our server lets you leverage popular & custom apps. Gain the perfect blend of control and ease for a seamless hosting experience.









Built for Success

Explore the Features Powering Our Premium Servers.

Blazing-Fast Storage

Experience lightning-quick server boot times and application performance.

Global Server Locations

Choose your ideal data center in Europe, America, or Asia for optimal reach.

Scalable Resources

Easily upgrade CPU, RAM, and storage to match your project’s evolving needs.

Full Root Access

Take complete control of your server environment and customize it for maximum efficiency.

Choice of Control Panels

Simplify server management with popular options like cPanel/WHM or a free alternative.

Wide Range of OS

Opt for the perfect OS – from Linux distributions to Windows Server – to suit your application requirements.

Advanced Security Features

Protect your data and applications with industry-leading security protocols and firewalls.

Dedicated IP Address

Enhance security, reputation and the accessibility of your server with a dedicated IP address.

24/7 Expert Support

Get assistance anytime, anywhere from our knowledgeable technical support team.

Why ServerNext?

See What Sets ServerNext Apart in Server Solutions.


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Global datacenter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ServerNext offers a powerful combination of features designed to empower your online presence. Enjoy blazing-fast SSD storage, global server locations for optimal reach, and complete control over your server environment. We also provide a wide range of operating systems, control panels, and 24/7 expert support to ensure a seamless experience.
ServerNext specializes in VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated server hosting, offering a scalable and cost-effective solution. This provides you with the dedicated resources and control of a server, with the flexibility to adjust resources as your project grows.
Security is a top priority at ServerNext. We utilize industry-leading security protocols and firewalls to safeguard your data and applications. Additionally, our robust network infrastructure ensures exceptional uptime and reliability, keeping your website or project online and accessible.
Our knowledgeable technical support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. Whether you need help configuring your server or troubleshooting technical problems, our dedicated support staff is here to ensure a smooth and successful hosting experience.
Choosing a server location closest to your target audience can significantly improve website loading times and overall user experience. ServerNext offers data centers strategically located in Europe, America, and Asia, allowing you to optimize your website's performance for a global audience.
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